Commercial surface projects require a vast amount of planning and organization due to the size and complexity of the task. Understanding the importance of timing, communication, logistics and delivery is crucial to ensure that every objective is met and completed on schedule. At Counter-Culture, commercial projects are met with increased enthusiasm and attention. Our state of the art facility with modern C.N.C machinery can conceive any commercial project of any scope. Our carefully selected network of fabricators are prepared to handle large scale commercial surface projects throughout the year.

Types of commercial services:


  • Walls, floors, hallway book matching capability, custom reception desks, foyer and any other designed structures
  • Counter Advisor complies with all safety and installation regulations
  • Large facility to ensure any amount of material is able to be stored safely until completion of the project

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars rely as much on their food and drink as they do on décor and esthetics. Offering a variety of rare and extraordinary natural stone Counter-Culture can create the perfect look for any culinary establishment. We specialize in custom creations for areas that attract a lot of attention.


Counter-Culture has the capabilities to provide mass production for large contracts across all sectors of commercial development including condos and subdivisions. We supply Countertops, vanities, fireplaces and much more. Our supply connections can create an appropriate inventory plan based on price and schedule. Our home facility at Diamante marble and granite Inc. is 15000 square feet of industrial space used for shipping, receiving and storage.