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The most unique and inventive way to quote your next counter top project online. Simply follow the steps provided to receive an estimate within 24 hours. Please provide the following information to get started and be one step closer to a luxurious and efficient remodel. Become the builder and start your project today!

Helpful hints

  • Quotes are only valid for 7 days
  • Receive extra discounts when you follow up with an in-home consultation
  • Each submission is carefully reviewed by Counter Culture project managers
  • No personal information is shared with any third party

Welcome to Shape Selection

Each shape in our inventory represents the most common countertop shapes found in today’s classic style and modern homes. Simply click on the shapes (Up to 5) that best resemble your countertop layout or experiment with differentcombinations for future projects. Choose from Kitchen Countertop Shapes, Kitchen Islands and Bathroom Vanities for a complete project quote.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Islands

Bathroom Vanity


Label Your Shapes

In this step you will provide important details about your shapes such as dimensions, edge location and side assignment. Please be accurate with your input as it will be used to calculate your quote.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure to label each side of every shape for the most accurate quote
  • All measurements are in inches
  • Feel free to round up to the nearest inch
  • Seam position and overhang details are determined on site
  • Backsplash details to be confirmed on site
  • Sink details to be confirmed on site

Select the side type

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Pick Your Stone and Finished Edge

Please choose your desired material and finished edge to complete the quote. All material in our inventory is carefully selected for maximum return value and durability. Finished edges are fabricated using state of the art C.N.C technology combined with expert handcrafting by Counter Culture stone mason.

Helpful Hints

  • All slabs are available for viewing at our designer showroom
  • All our natural and man-made surfaces are of the highest quality and are carefully inspected for any defects
  • Confirm availability of slabs by contacting Counter-Culture toll free or by e-mail
  • Certain edge profiles are special order and must be confirmed in person during an in home estimate
  • Visit the promotions page to learn about Counter Culture upgrade specials
  • Upgraded edges have a significant effect on turnaround time

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Select Edge Profile

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