Custom Kitchen Backsplash

The addition of a Kitchen Backsplash is the perfect design companion to any kitchen upgrade. It enhances the visual style of the kitchen while protecting the walls behind the counters from the daily rigors of cooking and cleaning. Home owners today are fortunate to have a large variety of styles, colors, designs and sizes to choose from. Counter Culture Fabrication offers superior Custom Tile Backsplash installation service as a necessary complement to any Stone Countertop project. Here are some common Kitchen Backsplash ideas to consider for your project:

ceramic porcelain tile backspashCeramic/Porcelain Tile Backsplash
This is the most common choice for home owners today. This choice offers the largest variety of material and sizes to fit any budget. This option is the easiest to clean or replace and is the most affordable. Usually installed with grout lines and is easiest to replace in case of damage.

stone backsplashStone Backsplash
Stone is a great option for any kitchen backsplash. It adds a certain design quality that is unmatched by any man-made product. A Granite Backsplash can be cut from the same material used on the counters to create a visually neat and uniformed look. A Marble Backsplash is another interesting option for homeowners because of the natural beauty and patterns only nature can create.

full slab backsplashFull Slab Backsplash
A full slab backsplash is the most prestigious choice available for homeowners. A single solid piece of stone or quartz is used to cover the entire area thus eliminating the need for grout lines. Any natural or man-made stone slab can be used however natural stone slabs like granite or marble typically require one or two seams depending on the layout of the kitchen. However with a Quartz Backsplash, the maximum length of slab can be used to cover the backsplash area with no seams.

Why Choose Counter Culture for Your Custom Tile Backsplash?

The knowledgeable project managers at Counter Culture are here to guide you through the entire kitchen backsplash process, from selecting the perfect stone to the installation and completion of your project. Our understanding of the stone fabrication trade is a source of pride for our team, which we extend to all projects large or small.

We are also committed to excellence in both the quality of our products and our customer service. Counter Culture guarantees that your custom tile backsplash meets all of your requirements, including your design choices, project timelines and budget. Our perfected fabrication process means you get a quality finish every time so you can continue to enjoy your stone backsplash well into the future.

To begin designing your custom backsplash, use our online Project Builder and you’ll receive an accurate quote within 24 hours. Or, call our experts at 1-888-201-0150 today for a free consultation on your project.