Bullnose Edge

Bullnose Countertop Edge Profiles

The bullnose edge profile continues to be one of the top choices for stone countertops due to its timeless appeal. The rounded, soft style of the bullnose countertop edge features a curve at the top and bottom of the edge, giving it a sophisticated look. The thinner appearance of a bullnose edge truly adds elegance to your granite, marble, quartz or porcelain countertop, showing off the natural beauty of the stone.

The rounded style of the bullnose edge is also a good choice for family kitchens, with no sharp edges to cause injury. It is easy to clean and wipe up crumbs from a bullnose granite edge counter as there are no corners, grooves or edges for debris to get stuck in. There are several bullnose countertop edge profiles to choose from to further customize the look of your kitchen counter:

Full Bullnose Edge

The full bullnose edge is the traditional, rounded on both top and bottom style that first comes to mind when we think of this edge profile. Home owners often choose full bullnose edge for high-traffic kitchens where children may be at play. The rounded edges are a safer alternative to straight edge countertops.

Half Bullnose Edge

A half bullnose edge profile is rounded on top, but flat on the bottom edge. This style emphasizes the thickness of the countertop, so it is a wonderful choice for highly detailed marble and granite slabs as it can show off a larger cross-section of your stone.

Demi Bullnose Edge

The demi bullnose edge can make the countertop look thicker and more substantial. The top edge of the counter is rounded with a larger radius than the full or half bullnose, and features an eased edge at the bottom, and can add curves to both traditional and modern style kitchens.

Double Bullnose Edge

The double bullnose edge is the most elaborate of all bullnose countertop edge profiles. This style features two “stacked” rounded bullnose edges offset from one another, and is typically found in more traditional kitchens.

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