Marble is a metamorphic stone that originates as limestone and slowly changes form through high heat exposure and pressure. It is a soft, porous, high maintenance stone but also extremely valuable and offers highest return on investment. While marble can be found all around the world, the main countries to export Marble Tile and slabs are Italy, China, India and Spain. In terms of budget, marble is more expensive and requires higher skill and experience when handling during fabrication so choose your fabricator wisely. Once, found only in the homes of the wealthy, today Marble Countertops and Marble flooring are the most common application for homeowners looking to renovate a kitchen. While Marble Vanity tops and Custom Marble Showers can transform the bathroom into a luxurious private spa. The ability to form book-match patterns from multiple marble slabs allows your home to become an artistic canvas. The most noticeable characteristic is the prominent veining and patterns which illustrate nature’s unique creation. Simply put, the natural beauty of marble is undeniable.

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