Ogee Edge

Ogee Countertop Edge

Commonly used for both kitchen and bathroom countertops, the ogee edge is a traditional countertop edge profile that can enhance the look of your stone slab with its elegant curves. The detailed finishing of ogee edge granite, quartz, marble, or other solid stone countertop can draw attention to the coloration and variation in the slab, making your counter an eye-catching feature of your space.

If you are looking for an elegant countertop edge profile that draws attention to your counter and features rounded edges, look no further than the ogee edge. Many designers and home owners choose this profile for upgraded, luxurious kitchens or to add interest to kitchen islands.

The Ogee Edge Profile

The ogee countertop edge consists of a rounded concave “cove” shape atop a half bullnose profile, convex shape on the bottom edge. The sharper top and bottom edges are contrasted by the soft “S” curve of the classic ogee shape. The ogee countertop edge can vary in style, from deep and dramatic curves to more shallow, delicate curves.

While more difficult to clean than other edge styles such as the bullnose edge or beveled edge, the ogee edge profile offers a luxurious look to complement your beautiful stone countertop. Just keep in mind that the ogee edge requires a bit more maintenance and care than other countertop profiles, since dirt and grime can build up in the “cove” of the profile.

Double Ogee Edge

A double ogee edge profile features even more detail and elegance than the classic ogee edge, with two “S” curves stacked atop one another. This dramatic and ornate edge style can add a unique look to your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, and is especially suited to highly detailed stone slabs.

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