Living Space

For Counter Culture, the living area is an ideal canvas to explore a variety of exclusive design concepts. Modern fabrication techniques combined with versatile material allow us to create magnificent additions to any living room project. Imagine the warm embrace of a glowing onyx fireplace on a cold winter night or a custom made dining table made from the most durable granite available.

Counter-Culture specializes in innovating new and unique ideas using natural stone and man-made surfaces. Through consistent research and industry awareness, Counter-Culture promises to deliver a unique product for a modern age. Distinct ideas belong to the most competent hands. Let Counter-Culture be your escape from convention.

  • Counter-Culture offers a wide variety of ideas for your fireplace project. Our ability to create distinct designs and offer diverse selection of material is truly untouched.
  • Book match capabilities, classic and modern designs, tower fireplaces, transparent natural onyx and much more.
  • All fireplaces are fabricated and installed with care and safety by Counter-Culture professionals
  • Individual custom projects available at Counter-Culture now include: interior and exterior walls, floors, custom made furniture, columns, stairs, outdoor barbecue, custom cabinetry and much more.

Onyx Fireplace

Design Concept: “This fiery onyx concept fireplace mantle is a truly unique formation. Towering at over 17 feet in height, this colossal creation is book matched and placed over a steel frame with L.E.D light bulbs to create a glowing aura with one flick of the switch. Combined with a state of the art fireplace unit at its center for that definitive touch, this design is truly like no other””

Nero Oxide Fireplace

Design Concept: “Using the ultra-thin Laminam porcelain, this fireplace/ tv unit combo is a nice detail that enhances the family room for viewing and entertaining.”

Paradiso Boardroom

Material Used: : Paradiso Granite
Finished Edge: 1.5” miter with custom leg detail
Design Concept: “Cut and fabricated with detail and precision, this expertly made boardroom desk with custom designed legs takes full advantage of the paradiso granites natural beauty. This piece truly amazes during every business meeting. A small sample of Counter-Cultures fabrication and design capabilities.”