Calacatta Marble Countertops & Vanities

Quarried in Carrara, Italy, calacatta marble is one of the rarest types of marble, and is known for its whiter appearance and more dramatic veining than other forms of marble. Its distinctive veining results in eye-catching patterns, and calacatta marble can often include brown and gold undertones. These features make it a highly desired natural stone material among designers and home owners who are looking for elegant marble countertops, vanities, floor tiles or table tops.

Calcatta gold marble is among the rarest types of marble in the world, found in only the most beautiful and elegant homes. Its gorgeous gold and taupe tones offer a unique finish for your next project. This kind of stone slab offers a warmer feel than the grey and stark white appearance of traditional calacatta marble.

Why Choose Calacatta Marble from Counter Culture?

Each calcattta marble slab in our inventory is carefully selected for its beauty, quality and durability so you can feel confident in your choice of countertop. We source all of our natural marble direct from the finest quarries in Italy, bringing the best of the world’s calacatta marble to our customers in the GTA and beyond.

In addition to our outstanding calacatta marble selection, Counter Culture offers unparalleled quality and care throughout your project from our highly experienced stone masons. When you’re looking for distinct, luxurious designs, unique materials and exceptional service, look to our team.

Ready to begin your calacatta marble project? Use our online Project Builder to start creating your design from the comfort of your living room. You’ll receive an accurate price within 24 hours. Want to talk to one of our stone fabrication experts? Give Counter Culture a call at 1-888-201-0150.