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Do You Need to Seal Porcelain Slabs? What You Need to Know About Porcelain Slab Maintenance

Do You Need to Seal Porcelain Slabs? What You Need to Know About Porcelain Slab Maintenance

If you are considering porcelain slab as a choice for your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, you’ll likely have questions about how to care for it once it has been installed. Though large format porcelain slab is unquestionably beautiful, what really makes it stand out is its low maintenance needs and durability. If you’ve been wondering, do you need to seal porcelain slabs, we are here to demystify the topic and help you lean into large format porcelain slab with confidence.

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Are Porcelain Slabs Slippery? How to Know if Porcelain Slab is Right for You

Are Porcelain Slabs Slippery? How to Know if Porcelain Slab is Right for You

When it comes to transforming the look of your home with an elegant yet durable surface, large format porcelain slab is a brilliant choice. Homeowners and interior designers alike are increasingly turning towards porcelain slab for its impressive utility and elegant aesthetics. However, many homeowners still have questions about porcelain slab and how the material holds up when used for flooring, countertops, showers, and more. Continue reading

Are Porcelain Countertops a Better Choice than Quartzite?

Are Porcelain Countertops a Better Choice than Quartzite

When determining which type of surface material would be best for countertops, there are many factors to consider. The right countertop can truly transform a space and make it more beautiful. However, there is a lot more to countertops than just being nice to look at. The functionality and practical use of countertops should always be considered when choosing surface materials for kitchen and bathroom countertop projects. Yet, knowing which countertop material is best often feels like a challenge.

At Counter Culture, we are experienced porcelain slab fabricators that are dedicated to providing home builders, designers, and owners with high-quality porcelain countertops to suit their spaces. We feel that large format porcelain slab is a wonderful choice for nearly any surface in a home. We also know you’ll want to do your research before making such an important choice. In this post, we compare quartzite vs porcelain countertops to help you make the best choice for your space.

What is the Difference Between Porcelain Slab and Quartzite?

When comparing porcelain countertops vs. quartzite countertops, it is first important to understand what the main differences between these materials are. Porcelain slab is a man-made material that offers many practical benefits, such as being easy to clean and durability, with the bonus of being able to be custom fabricated to suit any style. Quartzite, on the other hand, is a natural stone material that may have a unique appearance depending on the presence of minerals within the stone. Like porcelain slab, quartzite is durable and beautiful. However, it is a porous material that is susceptible to staining and may be more easily scratched than porcelain slab.

Our post, What is Porcelain Slab, offers additional insight into what porcelain is and what it is best suited for. We know that porcelain kitchen countertops and porcelain bathroom vanities are smart choices that any homeowner would love to have.

What’s More Affordable, Porcelain or Quartzite?

When comparing the price of quartzite to porcelain, you’ll need to keep in mind that material thickness and style can influence the total costs. These materials are comparably priced though it can be difficult to determine total costs without considering the unique details of your project. Our post, Is Porcelain Slab Affordable, offers insight into the cost of installing porcelain slab countertops which can be helpful in knowing which surface material is best suited for your needs.

Is Porcelain Easier to Care for Than Quartzite?

Porcelain slab is a truly wonderful surface material for nearly any area in a home. From porcelain showers to porcelain floors and countertops, porcelain offers superior functionality and beauty without the burden of regular maintenance. Unlike quartzite, porcelain slab does not need to be sealed to prevent damage or staining. Porcelain slab is non-porous, meaning it won’t absorb what you put on it and won’t harbour bacteria. Porcelain is also easy to clean, care for and is ideal for anyone who makes the most out of their space.

How Can I Know Which Surface Option is Best for Me?

Porcelain is a wonderful choice for nearly any surface in a home. Quartzite also offers beauty and durability for countertops. When it comes to functionality and ease of use, porcelain takes the upper hand with being a more functional option that requires less maintenance. Ultimately, the surface option that is best for you is the one you love. Be sure to connect with a porcelain slab fabricator to see for yourself just how amazing porcelain can be. With endless styling possibilities, porcelain slab is always a smart choice.

Are Porcelain Countertops Better than Quartz?

Are Porcelain Countertops Better than Quartz

When you are in the beginning stages of a kitchen or bathroom project, finding the right surface materials for the space can be a tough job. Keeping budgets, style, and functionality in mind, you have lots to consider. Whether you are a homeowner, developer, or designer working with clients, understanding the benefits and limitations of your countertop material choice is essential. Continue reading

What Stone is Best for Shower Walls?

There really isn’t anything more beautiful for bathrooms than stone. From vanities to flooring and even shower walls. Stone makes a beautiful choice that also offers functionality. But, knowing what is the best material for shower walls and other bathroom surfaces can sometimes feel overwhelming. Not all surfaces are made equally, and some require much more maintenance than others. When looking to source material for your next project, being prudent with your selection is essential. Continue reading

Porcelain Countertops vs Granite Countertops – Which Is Best for Your Project

Porcelain vs Granite Countertops

Whether you are a home builder looking to source the best possible countertop material for your projects or are a designer with a keen eye for beauty and functionality, large format porcelain slab needs to be on the top of your list for surface materials. This exciting surface option has been gaining popularity in North America, and there’s no question why. Versatile, durable, and stylish porcelain slab countertops for kitchens, bathrooms and other surfaces in a home are a smart choice. But how do they compare to more traditional surface materials such as granite? Continue reading

Which Material is Best for Kitchen Countertops?

White Marble Kitchen Countertops and Island with a full height backsplash

If you are in the planning stages of a kitchen renovation or are starting to select countertops for the space, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed with choices. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to both style and material type for kitchen countertops, but how can you know which countertop is best for kitchen surfaces? Continue reading

What is Porcelain and Why You Might Want Porcelain Countertops?

When renovating a space or choosing the finishes for a new home, you are required to make countless decisions. Though some decisions are small and unnoticeable to those who don’t live in the home, others, like countertops, are on display for all to see and are an important functional aspect of the space. Choosing the right countertops is crucial for the look and functionality of the home, and with so many options to choose from, the choice can often feel overwhelming. Continue reading

Are Porcelain Slab Countertops Thick?

Porcelain Shower

Are you looking into options for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or even the fireplace in your home? Though you may not have experience with porcelain slab, it is an outstanding surface material that needs to be a contender when searching for nearly any new surface material in your home. As porcelain slab is a lesser-known option, we understand you’ll likely have questions about this material. Thankfully, you’ve found the experts who have the answers. Continue reading

How to Clean Porcelain Slabs

When it comes to choosing a material for the surfaces in your home durability and practicality need to be top considerations. You’re going to want to choose a material that is practical for your home and that will be easy to care for. There is no doubt that porcelain slab fits the bill when you are searching for a hygienic, low-maintenance and durable surface material. But knowing how to clean porcelain countertops and other porcelain slabs is a good thing to know before you have them installed. Continue reading