What Stone is Best for Shower Walls?

There really isn’t anything more beautiful for bathrooms than stone. From vanities to flooring and even shower walls. Stone makes a beautiful choice that also offers functionality. But, knowing what is the best material for shower walls and other bathroom surfaces can sometimes feel overwhelming. Not all surfaces are made equally, and some require much more maintenance than others. When looking to source material for your next project, being prudent with your selection is essential.

At Counter Culture, we have spent the last decade studying large format porcelain slab and feel that it could be the most ideal material for shower walls, floors and bathroom vanities. In this post, we discuss some of the common stone options for shower walls as well as other material options. Let us help you discover what is the best material to use for shower walls.

What Materials are Commonly Used for Shower Walls?

When looking into what is best for shower walls, you’re going to come up with many options. Acrylic shower walls are a popular and practical choice due to affordability and cleanliness concerns. However, they often don’t provide the luxurious look that homeowners desire. Marble and granite are natural stone options that provide a more stylish finish though these options also come with additional maintenance needs and cleaning considerations. For a more practical choice that does not sacrifice style, porcelain slab showers are a great option. As porcelain is non-pours, it inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria while also being easy to clean. With the addition of being able to be fabricated in styles that suit any taste, porcelain slab is a premier choice for showers and one that needs to be at the top of your list for any bathroom project.

Will Water Damage Stone Over Time?

If you are considering either granite or marble for shower walls, you’ll want to keep in mind that these materials are porous. Without being sealed and cared for regularly, mould can appear on natural stone and may eventually damage the material. Unlike natural stone options, porcelain slab is non-porous and does not promote mould or bacteria growth making it ideal for those who may not have the time to care for their shower walls.

Is Stone Sanitary for Showers?

Just as you should be concerned about damage or staining to marble and granite showers, you should also be aware of sanitary conditions. Porous surfaces such as natural stone can become an ideal environment for bacteria growth and, in some cases, can be more difficult to sanitize. Unlike other options, porcelain slab is easy to care for, maintain and sanitize. This makes it a hygienic option that is easy to care for, even for the busiest of households. Our previous article, How to Clean Porcelain Slabs, outlines just how simple this material is to care for.

Why Might Porcelain be the Best Choice for Bathroom Surfaces?

Though natural stone options create a beautiful space, they may not be the best choice for shower walls. When considering what material is best for shower walls or what stone is best for shower walls, you’ll want to put porcelain slab at the top of your considerations. Not only is porcelain slab hygienic and easy to care for, but it is also beautiful and durable too. Porcelain slabs can be fabricated in a variety of styles and pattern options, making it suitable for any style preference. Whether you are sourcing materials for a large-scale home-build project or a designer looking for the most suitable material for your client’s space, porcelain slab shower walls are a smart choice.

How Can I Find a Porcelain Slab Fabricator?

Porcelain slab is continuing to gain popularity in North America, and finding an experienced porcelain slab fabricator and installer can be challenging. Our previous post, Where Can I Buy Porcelain Slab Countertops, outlines what you should know about buying porcelain slab and what you should look for in a porcelain slab fabricator.

At Counter Culture, we are the experts you’ve been searching for when looking to learn what is the best surface for shower walls. We can help you determine if porcelain slab is ideal for your project or help you source and install custom porcelain slab. Connect with a member of our team today and see why porcelain slab needs to be your top choice for any surface in a home.

About Counter Culture

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