Porcelain Concepts

In recent years, Porcelain material have become a valuable substitute for man-made and natural stone in all aspects of design and home renovation. While not a conventional option for designers and home builders, porcelain fabrication has seen a substantial growth in the renovation and design industry. Brands such as Laminam and Neolith supply exquisite and unique porcelain surfaces for projects such as kitchen counter-tops, bathroom vanities, fireplace mantles, custom furniture, walls, floors and everything in between. Slabs come in all sizes and thickness with a wide range of finished textures and colors. However the true benefit of a porcelain product lies within the composition and fabrication of the material. Here are some benefits of a porcelain surface for your next project:

  • Completely pore-less meaning nothing will penetrate the surface.
  • Stain resistant to coffee, red wine, soap scum and other household food and liquids
  • Large variety of finishes and thickness
  • Ultra-light and flexible for maximum versatility
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Made from non chemical recycled material. A entirely green product!
  • The most hygienic counter-top product on the market
  • Comes with a 25 year fabrication guarantee
  • weather resistant making it perfect for exterior projects

Counter Culture Fabrication has perfected the fabrication method for this growing trend and offers its superior service to the general public for the first time. Contact us today to learn about prices, project management and other general information.

Grafiti Porcelain Vanity (2)

Material: 6mm Grafiti Porcelain

Concept: Porcelain vanity  with an integrated sink for a stylish and unique finish. Take home the look and feel of natural marble without the stress of maintenance.    

Pietra Grey Porcelain Vanity (1)

Material: 9mm Pietra Grey Porcelain

Concept: This double integrated sink vanity unit features a unique textured finish that resembles raw concrete.    

Calacatta Vanity Project 2-3

Material: 9mm Calacatta Porcelain

Concept: Matte finish calacatta porcelain vanity with a 10″ skirt. The custom shape and 110″ length makes this unit a marvel of custom fabrication.