How to Choose Backsplash and Countertops

How to Choose Backsplash and Countertops

Kitchen renovations are an exciting time for many homeowners though the process of completing a renovation is often stressful too. The finished result of any kitchen renovation is always worthwhile, yet for some, the number of choices that need to be made through the process is often overwhelming. When it comes to the atmosphere of your kitchen, countertops and backsplash play a significant role. Not only do countertops and backslash need to look beautiful, but they also need to offer functionality too. With so many options to choose from, learning how to choose backsplash and countertops can feel like quite the task.

At Counter Culture, we have dedicated the last decade to the study of large format porcelain slab and are experts when it comes to countertops, backsplash, and other surfaces in a home. We know that many homeowners want to learn about how to choose a countertop and backsplash for their kitchens. Though there are many factors you’ll want to consider when choosing a surface material for your kitchen, learning how to choose the right backsplash and countertop doesn’t have to be complicated. In this post, we offer some helpful tips for knowing how to choose kitchen backsplash and countertops that suit your needs perfectly.

Determine Your Personal Style Preferences

Many homeowners get stuck wondering, how do I choose a backsplash and countertop? Though it’s easy to overthink the process of making renovation choices, there are a few things you can do to make the decision process easier. Before you start shopping, consider saving inspiration photos of kitchens you like. When it comes time to choose your countertops, you can share these images with your designer or material supplier. They can help you determine what type of countertop or backsplash you are drawn to and offer suggestions on how to achieve your desired look.

Keep in mind that some surface material types offer flexibility in appearance. Porcelain kitchen countertops, for instance, can be fabricated to look like natural stone, wood, and even concrete styles. This means that you can get optimal functionality of your countertops and the appearance you desire which is a winning combination.

Consider Your Functional Needs

When considering how to choose a backsplash and countertop, your personal functional needs for your kitchen always need to be a top consideration. Though natural stone options for countertops are popular, they are not always easy to clean and maintain. If you are on the fence about which material is best for kitchen countertops, you may find that porcelain slab is the most ideal choice.

Durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant, porcelain slab is an increasingly desirable choice for both kitchen backsplash and countertops. With countless functional benefits, porcelain will make your kitchen beautiful while remaining practical and functional. For more reasons why porcelain is the ideal choice for kitchens, see our posts, Forget about Stains by Choosing Porcelain Countertops and What is Porcelain and Why You Might Want Porcelain Countertops.

Keep Budget Requirements in Mind

Budgets are always a consideration when it comes to kitchen renovations, though one of the top places to splurge is on your countertops and backsplash. When you are looking to choose a kitchen countertop and backsplash, you might be happy to learn that proclaim slab can be used as both a countertop and backsplash. This can create a timeless and stunning look that is more cost-effective. The price of porcelain slab can vary depending on the type chosen and thickness, though overall, porcelain slab offers incredible value for its durability and appearance. Our post, Is Porcelain Slab Affordable? offers additional insight into the cost of porcelain slab vs other materials.

To learn more about the benefits of porcelain slab, connect with the experts at Counter Culture. As the porcelain slab fabricators you can count on, we look forward to bringing you high-quality, beautiful countertops and backsplash for your next kitchen project.

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