The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Flooring

The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain tile has been a popular choice for bathroom floors for many years due to its durability and non-porous properties. Yet traditional porcelain tile doesn’t always come to mind for homeowners when looking for beautiful flooring options. Thankfully, large format porcelain slab is available to bridge the gap between the functionality of traditional porcelain tile and the aesthetic desires of homeowners.

Although porcelain slab flooring is gaining popularity with designers and home builders, you may still have questions about what makes it a good option for floors. At Counter Culture, we have dedicated the last decade to the study of large-format porcelain slab and know that it is an incredible surface material for nearly any space in your home. We are often asked, is porcelain good for flooring? We are happy to say that it most certainly is. In this post, we offer insight into this fantastic flooring material and answer the question, is porcelain flooring good?

Why Consider Porcelain Slab Flooring

When it comes to flooring for any space, durability and ease of cleaning is always a top concern. If you have ever wondered, are porcelain floors durable, you’ll be happy to know that porcelain slab is strong and resistant to scratching and cracking. Porcelain slab is also ideal for flooring due to its hygienic, non-porous properties. As porcelain slab won’t absorb liquids that come into contact with it, you can feel good knowing that staining and bacteria won’t be an issue.

Porcelain slabs can be manufactured to create the aesthetic of any space. Whether looking for a material that looks like marble or even wood, porcelain is an ideal choice. By choosing porcelain slab flooring, you can feel confident that your flooring will be both beautiful and functional. For more information on why you should consider large format porcelain slab flooring for your home, see our posts, Why Should Porcelains Be Your Top Choice for Countertops and Forget about Stains by Choosing Porcelain Countertops.

Where is Porcelain Flooring Ideal?

If you’ve been considering porcelain slab flooring but are wondering is porcelain good for kitchen floors, we have good news for you. Large format porcelain slab can be used for virtually any surface in a home. It’s hygienic and easy-to-clean properties make it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, while its durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. Our post, How to Clean Porcelain Slabs, demonstrates why porcelain is ideal for flooring due to its ease of cleaning and other functional properties.

When needing flooring for outdoor spaces, you may also wonder, are porcelain paving slabs any good? Unlike other flooring types, porcelain slab is uniquely suitable for use outdoors. Whether you are looking for flooring around a pool or outside living space that is functional or simply want to create a beautiful indoor-outdoor space, porcelain slab is a perfect choice.

There are endless possibilities when considering porcelain slab for surfaces in a home. Whether you are looking for porcelain flooring, porcelain kitchen countertops, or porcelain bathroom vanities, you won’t be disappointed with the beauty and functionality of porcelain slab. When looking for a custom porcelain slab fabricator, you can count on Counter Culture to bring you the highest quality of materials and expert installation.

About Counter Culture

The Counter Culture team has dedicated the last decade to the study of the large format porcelain slab trend in the industry. With a thorough understanding of the porcelain slab stone fabrication process, Counter Culture Inc is the fabricator GTA builders, homeowners and designers can depend on for any application involving these resilient surface products. Combining experience, technology, thorough understanding of the manufacturing process and enthusiasm for all things large format porcelain stone, we can help bring your ultimate vision to reality. No matter the brand or thickness, if you can dream it, we can make it.