Porcelain vs Quartz Shower Walls: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Home

Porcelain vs Quartz Shower Walls: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Home

When it comes to choosing what type of materials you will use for your shower walls, you have many factors to consider. Budget, personal style, and overall design of the bathroom will likely be your top priority when choosing your shower walls. Though in the past, you might have felt limited to porcelain or ceramic tile as your only option, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. However, knowing what stone or tile option is best can be a tough decision.

At Counter Culture, we have dedicated the last decade to the study of large format porcelain and know that it can be the ideal shower wall option for many bathrooms. As the porcelain slab fabricator Toronto designers and home builders trust, we are committed to sharing our knowledge of large format porcelain slab with you. In this post, we cover the basics of porcelain vs quartz shower walls to help you make the best choice for your project.

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Porcelain vs Quartz for Shower Walls

If you are looking for a more elegant and elevated option for your shower walls, there is no question that both porcelain slab and quartz can be excellent options. Both materials offer similar benefits as each is non-porous and easy to care for. However, unlike porcelain, quartz is prone to fading over time when exposed to sunlight, and warping is a possibility under the right circumstances. For this reason, we feel that porcelain slab showers have a slight edge over quartz showers though this can come down to a personal preference.

What Designs is Porcelain Slab Available In?

If you are interested in the functionality of porcelain slab but have a specific style in mind, you’ll be happy to know that porcelain slab is customizable. Both design and thickness can be tailored to your taste, including popular options such as calacatta and statuario natural stone styling. The possibilities are endless, and porcelain slab can be customized to suit your specific style needs.

What Does a Porcelain Slab Shower Cost?

Porcelain slab is surprisingly affordable when compared to natural stone options. There are many factors that can influence the cost of a porcelain slab shower, including the size of the shower and the style of porcelain slab chosen. For more information on porcelain showers, see our post, Choosing Your Shower Materials Wisely: Is Porcelain Good for Shower Walls?

If you are interested in having a porcelain slab shower, porcelain slab vanity or even porcelain slab flooring for your bathroom project, the experts at Counter Culture are here to help.Contact us today to learn more about this incredible surface material options and achieve the luxurious atmosphere you are looking for.

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