Stone Colours

Stone Slab Colours

One of the many wonderful features of natural and engineered stone slabs is their endless range of colours. Marble, granite, quartz and porcelain are available in nearly any combination of colours and patterns to suit your design preferences. Whether you’re trying to achieve a modern or traditional look and feel with your renovation project, Counter Culture offers the perfect coloured stone to complement your design aesthetic.

Marble Colours

Marble stone slabs don’t have to be the traditional white colour we often picture in our minds. Our unmatched selection of marble slab products are available in incredible shades of yellows, greys, blacks, greens, blues, browns and everything in between. From traditional carrara marble with white and grey patterning to exotic green onyx slabs, you’ll find an eye-catching marble slab to suit your style.

Granite Colours

Counter Culture is pleased to bring customers an incredible selection of durable granite countertop options. Our granite slab collection features beautiful patterns and colours, sparkling finishes and rich golds. Light or dark, subdued or colourful, we have a granite slab that will match your color scheme perfectly.

Quartz Colours

Quartz continues to increase in popularity due its beauty and longevity. Since quartz is an engineered stone, it can offer more consistency in pattern and colour than natural stone slabs. This makes quartz a great choice for modern and minimalist designs. Our quartz selection is available in a fantastic range of colours, including whites, creams, greys, browns, blacks and marble-looks.

Porcelain Colours

Porcelain slabs, like quartz, provide more consistent colors and patterns with excellent durability. The look of marble can also be achieved with porcelain stone slabs, making it a great option for projects in higher use areas where you want to achieve the marble look. Counter Culture offers beautiful porcelain options in greys, whites, browns, blues and many other colours.

If you would like to learn more about the colour options available in each stone slab material, browse our online showroom. Ready to order? Contact one of the experts at Counter Culture to discover which type of stone slab is right for your project.